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bulletWebElements - Mark Winter, University of Sheffield: click on an element and physical, chemical, nuclear, biological, and geological data is available.
bulletPeriodic Table of the Elements - Los Alamos National Laboratory: for each element, provides information related to the history, source, properties, and uses.
bullet Chemicool.comthe periodic table has lots of information on each of the elements.  A chemistry dictionary and a discussion forum are also available for use.
bullet Schemata of the Elements -C. W. Johnson:  the schema design allows visualization of periodicity, as well as patterns regarding other aspects of the elements and their atoms and molecules.
bullet Chemicool Periodic Table - David Hsu: provides physical and chemical data for the elements.
bullet The Elements:  There is a lot of stuff here - text, stories, pictures, and data.  Click on the element on the front page and find technical data about the element.
bullet The Periodic Table - S. Van Bramer, Widener University: provides a blank periodic table template: a periodic table containing the f-block within the main portion of the table; a periodic table with the atomic number and element symbol; a periodic table with the atomic number, the element symbol, the IUPAC mass, and the IUPAC approved name; and a periodic table with the atomic number and element symbol for projection onto a screen. Requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
bullet Chemistry Teaching Resources - Umeň University: provides a list of chemistry teaching resources on the Internet.  The Periodic Tables and Related Materials provides links to a number of different periodic table resources.
bullet Visual Elements - The Royal Society of Chemistry:  provides an introduction to the periodic table and information on elements and families of elements.
bullet Periodic Table Matching Game:  D. K. Schmidel & W. G. Wojcik.  This is a free online learning activity for chemistry students. The goal is to drag element symbols onto their correct positions in the periodic table. This game requires the FLASH player.
bullet Periodic Table of Comic Books:  Dept. of Chemisry, University of Kentucky.  Click on an element to see a list of comic book pages involving that element.
bullet Lenntech Periodic table - Lenntech Water treatment & Air Science:  each chemical element contains a link to a page that explains its chemical properties,  health effects, environmental effects, application data, an image and also information of the history/inventor of each element.
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