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bulletEnd-of-Course Resources:

Chemistry TEKS (scroll down to find chemistry)

STAAR Assessed Curriculum

STAAR Blueprint

Chemistry Reference Materials

bullet A Lighthouse Initiative for Science is intended to familiarize teachers with the content and skills a student needs to ultimately be successful in one or more of the AP science courses. Here you will find course descriptions for the AP sciences, sample AP exam questions and solutions and their relationships to earlier science courses, suggestions for vertically-aligned lab activities for grades 6 through 12 with a a correlation of the TEKS, and much more. 


bullet Science TEKS Toolkit:  provides access to the TEKS, information describing the relevance of science in education, and information pertaining to professional development, instruction and assessment, safety, and resources for teachers.


bullet Science TEKS with Snapshots:  suggested activities which will help teachers identify what students have to do to meet the stated student expectation for a particular essential knowledge and skill.

Elementary School Snapshots
Middle School Snapshots
High School Snapshots
 Chemistry Snapshots
 IPC Snapshots



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