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STATFlash: a Record-Breaking CAST!

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Tue, 11/16/2010

With more than 7,000 attendees all under one roof at this year’s CAST, we hope you enjoyed the smooth registration process and easier access to sessions than ever before. We thank you for joining us in Houston!


The State Board of Education meets Thursday on two issues of importance to science teachers.  STAT will be well-represented, but in order for your board member to pay attention, you must contact him in advance with your concern.

Item 6 deals with supplemental science instruction materials.  With the changing expectations for students and teachers, it is vital that the Legislature appropriate sufficient funding for resource materials.  Some would say this is particularly crucial for the middle schools.

Item 8 refers to process – when textbooks are scheduled to be purchased.  Science students have waited until now for their time, even as the curricula and test are changing.  Now is their time during Proclamation 2012.  We should oppose any change in process that delays the 82nd Legislature from rescheduling purchases during this cycle.

You may contact your SBOE Representative here:
Put in your address and click “District Type: SBOE”


Did you learn something new at CAST you want to share with your fellow teachers?  We’re accepting articles for our December publication of the STATellite.  It’s also easy to submit:  simply attach your article and send to, where our editor will take your work and bring it to the published page.  Submit your articles by December 1st to be considered for publication.

Articles for the newsletter should be a maximum of 2 single-spaced pages. Articles may be edited for length.  We always encourage pictures to be submitted with your articles.  Pictures submitted as attachments, rather than embedded in word documents, are preferred.

For those of you who are waiting to take the CAST 2010 survey to receive online access to the handouts please click here:
We value your feedback and will continue to strive to fit the needs of the science teachers of Texas.