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User Guide


Members have access to STAT's online journal, The Texas Science Teacher , and a number of new functions to connect and communicate with your colleagues. As a STAT member, you can create your own blog on the website, assign other STAT members as your friends, family, and coworkers, and use the new STAT website's internal private message system to get in touch with your colleagues from across the state. To find other users, simply use the search function.  You can also use the search bar located on the left sidebar by selecting Users from the drop-down menu and typing in all or part of their user name.
Text Editor
For the Blog and Private Message functions, users have access to a powerful text editor tool that allows them to format their text and add pictures.
To add pictures, click on the icon that looks like a photograph:
This will cause the picture menu to appear.  This window is a pop-up, so if you are unable to view it, please enable pop-ups on the STAT website.
If you are uploading a picture from your computer, click the Browse icon (the icon just to the right of the Image URL field) to bring up the File Browser window.
Click the Upload button in the top left to browse your computer for the picture you want to upload.  When you have selected it, click Upload to upload the picture to your own private image folder on the STAT website.  You should see the file name to the right along with its information, such as file size, width, height, and the date and time it was uploaded.  Make sure you have the desired image selected and then either double click the file name or click the Insert File button.  It should now look something like this:
Click on Insert to put the picture into the text editor.
The usefulness of this tool is that it preserves pictures you have already uploaded.  If you have a picture, such as a logo, that you would like to use more than one time, you only have to upload it once.  After that, you can use it as many times as you like.


To view all blogs, click the Blogs link from the left sidebar.  To create your own blog which will be listed on the Blogs section, click the My Blog link on the left side bar and then click the post new blog entry link.


The new STAT website allows you to make friend, family, and coworker requests to connect to people you know.  To do so, first go to the search bar on the left side of the page and select Users from the drop down list.
Then, type all or part of the person's user name and hit Search to bring up your results:
Click on the user's name to bring up their profile.  On their profile, you will have the option to send a friend, family, or coworker request  Click the desired relationship status and it will send the user a request.  You will not be their friend, coworker, or family until they approve your request. By default, you are e-mailed with a notification when someone sends you a request.  To turn this off, go to My account on the left sidebar and click the Edit tab. [img]sites/default/files/u1/edit user.png[/img] Scroll down until you see Relationship email settings.  Uncheck the box that says Receive relationship email notifications, the scroll to the bottom and click Save to disable e-mail notifications for friend, family, and coworker requests.

Private Messages

You can send users private messages in two ways.  The first is to search for the contact like you would if you wanted to send them a friend request and clicking on their user name to go to their profile.  On their profile page, there is a link to send a message to that particular user.
You can also send messages from the Messages page, accessible from the left sidebar.  Click on the Write new message tab.
From there, you can start typing in the user name of your intended recipient.  This field automatically gives you suggestions while you type so you can make sure that you're spelling the user name correctly.
If you don't want to receive private messages, you can turn them off in your profile.  Click the My account link on the left sidebar and click the Edit tab
Scroll down until you see Private messages.  Click the radio button that says "My relationships only."  This will disallow anyone who is not listed as your friend, family, or coworker from private messaging you.
You can also disable e-mail notifications from private messages by unchecking the box that says "Receive email notification for incoming private messages."


STAT members are able to create groups that other members can join.  To view a listing of all groups, click on the Groups link on the left sidebar.  To join a group, click on the Join link next to the group you wish to join.

Creating Groups

Click on the Create a New Group link under Groups.  Making a group will automatically make you the group manager.  The group manager is able to edit the details and mission statement of their group.  They can also remove or grant manager privileges to other group members.
By default, groups are made public, which means that they are viewable under the group listing and anyone can join.  You can also make the membership process moderated, which means that people can click the join link, but must be accepted by a group manager before they gain access.  Invite only removes the join link from your group, requiring people to be invited to join before they can access the group.  Finally, closed groups disallow members from joining or leaving the group at all.

Managing Groups

To manage group membership, go to the Groups page and find your group from the list.  The number of members your group has is also a link to the membership management section.  Under Faces, you are able to view the profile pictures of every member in your group and you can click their picture or user name to view their profile.  Under List, you are able to remove members or assign them admin privileges.  Add members allows you to invite users to your group.  To do this, type in the usernames of the people you would like to join.  If you want to invite multiple users at once, separate their usernames with commas.
Group managers and admins are also able to edit all posts within a group.  This allows them to keep the group moderated.  To do this, click on the post you would like to edit or delete and click the Edit tab at the top.  From here, you can alter the content or delete the post.  The delete button is on the bottom of the page.

Making Posts Within Groups

STAT members are able to create posts within the groups they are members of.  To do this, click on the Create a Post Within a Group or Create a Wiki Post Within a Group.  Normal posts are only editable by the author and the group administrators.  Wiki Posts are editable by all members of the group.
Members can create a group post across every group they have joined.  While creating a post, go to the section of the page labeled Audience.  This will list every group you are a member of and you can select one or more groups to enter your post into.  This allows members to post content that is relevant to more than one group.

Leaving Groups

If you would like to leave a group, click on the Groups link and then click the My Groups tab.  Find the group you would like to leave and click on the Edit membership link.  This will take you to a page where you can confirm that you would like to leave the group.