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CAST Registration FAQ

Can I submit a Purchase Order?*

Payment is by check or credit card. PURCHASE ORDERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  Cash will be accepted on-site only. 

*Please Note: A Purchase Order is not considered payment for CASTWe will not fax additional invoices for Purchase Orders. Payment must be received by the deadline in order to be eligible for the early discounts.  Please plan ahead and request the correct amount of funds, according to the date by which it will be paid with a check or credit card.

What is the payment schedule?
Early Bird Payment Deadline: 9/30/2013 ($120)
Advance Payment Deadline: 10/24/2013($160)
Regular Payment Deadline: 11/7/2013($175)

Who do we make the Check payable to? Where do we send it?
Please make the Check payable to: STAT

Please mail your Check to:
Science Teachers Association of Texas
5750 Balcones Dr., Ste. 201
Austin, TX 78731

Please make sure that you include a copy of your confirmation receipt and names of attendees along with your check.
You may fax the names of your registered teachers to: 512-873-7423
You may email all registration questions to:

Where can I make housing reservations?

Save money, time, and headache by making your hotel reservations through the STAT housing page. We book room blocks directly through hotels that we have personally inspected for quality and comfort in advance to ensure low rates for CAST attendees.  Making your reservation through the STAT housing page also guarantees that your hotel is on the CAST shuttle route or in walking distance to the convention center.

How do I register?
There are two registration options: registration by group with a group administrator or individual registration. If registering individually, you are responsible for your own fees. If you are registering a group, you are a group administrator who is responsible for the entire group's fees. Please determine whether or not you are registering individually or as a group before you submit your registration.

What is group registration?
Group registration means that only one person manages an entire group. This is the best option for schools, school districts and regions, because it allows everyone to be listed on one bill.

Each group will have one administrator that MUST be attending CAST. The group administrator will be the first conference registrant entered online. If you are registering a group please enter yourself first then add group members ("guests").

If you are in charge of the registration and payment of a group, but not attending, please DO NOT register yourself. Please only register your teachers and make sure you only enter your information as the Billing Contact. Also, please enter your e-mail address in the "Copy All E-mails To" section so you will receive all conference communications.

All additional sessions must be added through the group administrator (the first registrant of the conference within a group). If someone else has signed you up and you wish to add a session to your registration, you must contact them to add it for you.

If you do a group registration, please let the registrants know beforehand that you plan on adding them to your group. This is so that they do not register themselves later and so that they know their point of contact to edit their registration.

Note: Group administrators are responsible for the entire group registration.

What is individual registration?
Individual registration means that you manage your own registration. You will be responsible for your payment and any changes you wish to be made to your registration. Individual registration is intended for people who are not paid for by a school district or organization. Should an individual wish to cancel, they are responsible for canceling their registration before the cancellation deadline, as well as covering the cost of any outstanding balance.

Can I go back and add more people to a group registration?
Yes! The person who created the group registration is able to add additional group members. Sign back into your account with the confirmation number e-mail to you. Click "Modify" and click to add guest. The summary page will show who you added and the cost for the new guests. Once you click finish you will receive your new total.

How do I add sessions to a registration?
To register for additional sessions, return to the registration site and, if you are using the same computer that you used to register, it will likely remember you. If you are using another computer or if your session has reset, you would simply type in your first and last name, the email you registered under, and the confirmation number you received. If it is a group registration, enter the information for the group administrator (the first person who was registered in the group).

Once logged in to your registration, there is a menu item called Modify that allows you to modify your registration. This will take you through all the registration steps, but the system will remember what you have already selected, like the Full Conference Registration. Once you are done, it will give you the option to pay with a credit card or you can pay later by check or on site, if you prefer. It is recommended to pay ahead of time in order to avoid the lines on site.

When will I receive a confirmation e-mail of my online registration?
All registrants should receive confirmation within 5 minutes of your online registration. Please check your spam filter and make sure and are on your white list.

When will I receive my name badge in the mail? You should receive your name badges no later than one week before the conference if you register on or before the early bird deadline.

How do I know when early bird registration starts?
Registration will open for early bird on August 15. You will have until September 30 to register at the discounted price.

What happens if I miss the "early bird" registration date?
Early bird registration ends September 30, 2013. You can still register after the deadline, but you will be paying the advanced registration rate and we cannot guarantee that you will receive your name badge in the mail.

Please note: We do not accept purchase orders.
Faxing a purchase order alone is not enough to secure the discount. Payment must be received before September 30, 2013 to guarantee the discounted rate.

After September 30, registration will be billed at the advanced conference fee, and after October 24, registration will be billed at the regular registration fee. However, there should be nothing to worry about if you start planning ahead!

What happens if I need to add people last minute?
We accept registrations even until the last day of the conference. However, the fee for registrations received after October 24 is the full conference rate. 

What happens if a session I registered for has been canceled? You will receive a refund for the session and an updated agenda.

Does the student price cover all three days of the conference? Yes.

I registered someone, but they canceled. Can I have a refund?
Refunds are given for cancellations until October 24th. Our refund policy states that once a reservation is made you will be charged a $25 cancellation fee. You will receive a full refund for any additional sessions you may have purchased, provided they are canceled by the deadline.

If you would like to avoid the cancellation fee, you may find a substitute to attend in your place.  There is no cost to substitute your registration.

Cancellations made after October 24, 2013 will not be refunded.

If a cancellation is made after the October 24th deadline, or no cancellation is made, registrants are responsible for their registration fee, as well as any luncheons, sessions, field trips, or any other optional items. You must cancel yourself in the registration system and will receive an e-mail confirmation of your cancellation. 

Can I Substitute a Registration?
Yes, you can substitute by logging into your registration and modifying it. However, any substitutions after October 24th must be done on-site.

I don't know what my ESC Region is. Where can I find that?
The region map.

I am a presenter. Where can I find details about my scheduled session?
The program page.

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