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About Us

We are STAT, the Science Teachers Association of Texas.

STAT ... for the enhancement of the teaching of science in Texas at all levels and in all science disciplines.


  • A statewide organization of elementary, middle level, and high school teachers, college educators, supervisors of science, and others dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of science and education in our schools.
  • A chapter of the National Science Teachers Association
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STAT seeks to

  • Serve as a unified voice for the science teachers of the state.
  • Keep science teachers and other members informed about current trends in science education.
  • Provide opportunities for members to examine techonology, curriculum, materials, and services.
  • Inform members of local, state and national meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops related to sciences.
  • Cooperate with other science oriented organizations and teacher associations in the promotion of teaching of science.

STAT, Science Teachers Association of Texas, was formally organized in 1957 during the 4th Annual Conference for the Advancement of Science & Mathematics Teaching (CASMT). STAT membership is more than 6,000 strong!

The Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching is the annual meeting of STAT. Attendance in recent years has exceeded 7,000 participants, which makes CAST the nation's largest statewide meeting of Science Teachers.

Regional Conferences
STAT provides funding each year for conferences within the 20 regions of Texas. Regional conferences are intended to bring the best of CAST presentations to a local forum and to encourage new memberships. Inquires regarding funding should be directed to the President-Elect.

Position Statements
The STAT board has begun a critical and timely initiative, the consideration and endorsement of statements representing a STAT official position regarding selected topics of concern for Texas teachers of science. Click here for STAT's position statements.